Aurora borealis email alerts

Why and what is it?

In order to be in the right place at the right time (to reach the right place at the right time) there is "alert at virmalised dot ee" mailing list.

It's an email service you can subscribe to (and unsubscribe from). Once subscribed you will be alerted via email that it's time to check if the sky is clear and if the camera batteries are charged.

How often and what is sent?

aurora forecast

Currently the alerts are based on "Geomagnetic activity nowcast" (Source: AurorasNow! (Finnish Meteorological Institute)). This information is updated every 15 minutes and if anything alert-worthy is found an email will be sent out. E-mail alerts are limited to maximum of one email per hour.

An alert is sent out when the next-hour prognosis of atleast 6 locations is "high" or next-hour prognosis of atleast 2 locatios is "very high". The aim is to notify you that something is likely to happen soon. For more informations it's worth visiting the website (

Preview of an alert email:

2021-11-03 21:17:16 aurora alerts - (en) or (et)
Next hour magnetic forecast by cities:
Forecast level 'veryhigh': -
Forecast level 'high': Kevo, Maasi, Kilpisjärvi, Ivalo, Muonio, Sodankylä, Pello, Oulujärvi, Mekrijärvi, Hankasalmi, Nurmijärvi, Tartu
Forecast level 'moderate': -
Forecast level 'increased': -
Forecast level 'low': -

Track activity and changes on site (en) or (et)

How to subscribe?

I'm subscribed but not receiving any alerts!?

If you have subscribed and have not received any email alerts the reason could be:

The last email alert was sent out on:


Horrible spam! Don't want it anymore

If you feel there are too many alerts or would like to unsubscribe from the email list for some other reason just send an email to Enjoy the silence! :)